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They’re not actually your fault, but they are definitely Your Fault.7) If you don’t notice that a girl is interested in you, it’s Your Fault. 8) If someone drops an extremely subtle hint and it goes over your head, it’s Your Fault. 9) If you ask people whether they want the last potato and everyone says ‘no, that’s fine’, it’s Your Fault if you take it. 11) 70% of people on the autism spectrum have something else as well (ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, for example). Sometimes because they don’t know what autism is (or have clichéd ideas), sometimes because they don’t know you very well so they’ll see you as a walking syndrome, and sometimes because you’re just bloody nervous about talking about it.It’s like being interrupted non-stop for fifteen minutes, except people don’t know you want to speak so you’re not allowed to be annoyed with them. Obviously I know it’s not really raining cats and dogs, but if you say something that’s not an idiom I’ll assume that you mean it. (For the record, since writing this I’ve written an article about the difficulties of comfort zones.Like all links on this site, it opens in a new window.) 29) I’m not convinced that people with autism are naturally more susceptible to anxiety issues (some are, definitely, but so are some non-autistic people).35) Those who are further along the spectrum than me can often act up and some can even be aggressive.

This was written by Chris Bonnello from Autistic Not Weird, and if you’re reading this anywhere other than autisticnotweird.com, you’ve been tricked by an article thief who hasn’t even bothered to read enough of it to see this message! 21) Some of us (myself included) have a very slightly slower processing speed: it might take us an extra second to realise you’re joking, for example. 28) Then again, it’s very, VERY easy to accidentally trespass into someone’s comfort zone.” She did not appreciate it, even though it was a valid response to what she had said.) 17) If I do things at my own pace and use my own methods, I invariably succeed.If I go at the pace others tell to go or use someone else’s methods, I can crash and burn rather horribly. 18) Our spoken grammar is not always up to scratch.On April 2nd this year, World Autism Awareness Day, I decided to offer a little insight to some of my Facebook friends. We’re 1% of the general population, which is higher than it sounds.Their responses were actually what inspired me to start Autistic Not Weird in the first place (and its Facebook page, which opens in a new window). If you are on the spectrum, may I ask how many of these apply to you? I’d be curious to know how much us guys truly have in common! 3) Autistic people aren’t always similar to one another, for exactly the same reason that non-autistic people aren’t either. Personally I’ve spent less than two years of my life being one of the 19%.