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Physically I noticed a reduction in the amount of “belly fat” I was carrying (which wasn’t a whole lot to begin with) and I was stronger in the gym and my recovery time from workouts seemed to be less.Admittedly the strength gains and recovery time reduction could have been “placebo effect”, but you can’t fake a reduction in belly fat.Remember to always consult your doctor, and if you’re worried you can always take liver/testosterone tests throghout the usage of these enhancement products.And remember that the liver is the most self repairing organ in the body, and it can be damaged 80% (ish) percent and still grow back to normal.Baldness,painful testicles,low blood pressure,acne,man tits (LOL),oily skin. is there really something out there that can REALLY help with minimum side effects or do they just add more ingredients to so call “block” these effects which sounds to me like liver damage.I’m just being a b it paranoid please any honest advice will be greatly appreciated I posted my answer below on Peggys post, but i have copied it here so you get the notification.Unfortunately the more I search the more I get lost.I’m looking for a booster to help me get my mojo back like it was.

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Three participants, however, reported slight stomach discomfort when taking it without food.[] While Testofen was determined safe in this study, some experts found fenugreek caused gastrointestinal issues, diarrhea, bloating, and nasal congestion when taken in amounts larger than normally found in food.RELATED: Balancing Hormones – Steps to Optimal Hormonal Balance » Certain herbs such as fenugreek have different side effects depending on dosage and duration of use.To gain insight into Testofen’s safety and potential risks, researchers examined Testofen’s effects on male libido.If you want to heighten your testosterone significantly, these side effects are inevitable.You might want to look at estrogen blockers such as nolvadex if you want to minimalize side effects associated with heightened testosterone.