Validating email addresses on blackberry

Although Zend_Validate contains many validation classes, the important one for this chapter is Zend Validate_Email Address.

Using Zend_Validate_Email Address you can not only validate the format of the e-mail but also determine whether the host accepts e-mail by checking the DNS entry for the host and verifying whether the Mail Exchange (MX) entry is present.

When you first power up your Black Berry, the set up wizard will suggest that you set up a Black Berry ID.

If you prefer, follow the steps below to set up your ID via the internet.

Black Berry hosted email ( is not supported in Black Berry OS 10.

As a temporary workaround, Black Berry will forward your email to another email address for up to one year.

I am now in Thailand and reconnected with the Blackberry service b via TH GSM.To look at this feature, you have to step away from Zend _Mail and reference the Zend _Validate component of Zend Framework.I thought it would be best to discuss it here because it deals with e-mail.These instructions may be slightly different on different models and OS versions.Your Black Berry ID username and password gives you access to Black Berry websites, apps, and services.

Validating email addresses on blackberry