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will auto-upgrade the next time they are run, or you can download now.You can now subscribe to the frequently asked questions section of the Super Duper forums. Super Duper's full, 60 page User's Guide is available for download. Contact us Super Duper v3.1.1 requires Mavericks (mac OS 10.9) or later, and is High Sierra (mac OS 10.13) compatible with both HFS and APFS volumes.When you do, your current Documents, Music, Pictures — even i Sync data — are available! Super Duper has enough features to satisfy the advanced user, too. v3.1.1 right now and back up and clone your drives for free— forever!

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If anything goes wrong, just reboot to the original.As with every update, we've polished and improved many other aspects as well.(A full list can be found by selecting Help Revision History.) It's a free update for users: existing copies of Super Duper!Every step of the process carefully follows all Apple recommended policies and procedures. We could even point you to our back-to-back 20 Eddy Awards! Instead, we encourage you to ask some friends, and look for yourself!Whether you're making a full backup to a disk image, using Smart Update to update an existing backup, or making a complex clone to test a software update, the process couldn't be simpler: select the source drive, the destination and the appropriate script. Here's a simple Google query for "superduper macintosh review" to get you started.