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He witnessed the victim being whipped and locked in a dog cage, as well as being tied up and shocked with multiple electrical devices.Cook described the abuse suffered by the victim as the "most extreme" he had ever seen.Mc Cann ordered that she be designated a sexual predator and that she cannot have any contact with her husband or the victim throughout her incarceration and probation.The girl was 13 when she came to live with the Johnsons a few days after her mother died unexpectedly, court documents and trial testimony show. The victim testified at trial she was told she had to have sex with the Johnsons to be accepted into their family.

Mc Cann, who presided over Rob Johnson’s trial, said he considered Marie Johnson’s corroborating testimony may have been crucial in getting her husband convicted. Even the brainwashing doesn’t excuse you.”Mc Cann recalled a couple of key pieces of testimony from that trial that stuck with him.“You physically threatened the victim to put her in foster care if she didn’t have sex with your husband,” he told Marie Johnson.For the same 87 counts her husband faced, Circuit Judge James Mc Cann sentenced Marie Johnson to 25 years in prison and 25 years of sex-offender probation.Mc Cann then tacked on another 25 years of probation for the one count stemming from an encounter she had with the girl without her husband present.Her husband, Rob Johnson, 46, was convicted by a Circuit Court jury on Feb.3 of 87 counts of the same charge and was sentenced last month to 87 consecutive life terms in prison.