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Despite breaking up earlier this year, JT & Jess' relationship is so hot that parental guidance is suggested.

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Rihanna's Top 10 Billboard Hits2007: Shia La Beouf They were never in a full-blown relationship, but La Beouf revealed to Playboy in 2009 that he did go on a date with Rihanna back in ’07.Did Justin Timberlake really date Scarlett Johansson after his music video?How long Jessica Biel remain as Justin Timberlake's wife?I was like, wow, this feels terrible.”It's been a few years -- maybe there's still time for Rihanna and Drake to rih-kindle their romance in the future.Drake Changes 'Madonna' Lyrics to Rihanna at Jungle Tour Opener in Houston: Live Review2010: Matt Kemp Rihanna and professional baseball star Matt Kemp called it quits after almost a year, but this was one of Rihanna’s most public relationships.