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" and at the time I was a registered Democrat, so I said something like, "We will have to see." I was more referring to the process of switching parties and changing my [electoral] registration.

But he thought I was wavering on whether or not I would vote for him.

Oh, and he's the guy from was a televisual juggernaut, at its peak watched by close to 30 million people.

Even if I've arrived unannounced, I'll just let the guy at the elevator know, and, and he's always said, "Yeah, yeah, have her come on up." Melania is definitely a beautiful brunette.

[He said] that he would be willing to offer me a job, he was very impressed with me, but the producers wouldn't allow him to technically do that until the day after the finale.

"The next day [after the finale]," he said, "I'd like for you to come to my office and meet with me." So that's what I did.

And the moment that you underestimate Donald Trump, you lose.

I was Miss Oregon USA 2004, and knowing that Donald Trump owned the Miss USA pageant, I hoped there would be a small chance of meeting him there.