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of self-identified battered women who had successfully ended the violence, the majority of women had sought help from medical professionals, a higher proportion than from other sources of help.

In the few recent studies of primary care settings, incidence (assaulted within the past year) of battered women from self-report (rather than record review) has ranged from 5% to 25%.

This article reviews the pertinent research in the field and makes suggestions for better health care services for this vulnerable population.

If a child is determined to be in need of protection, the child welfare authorities are able to: Stalking is dealt with under the criminal harassment provisions of section 264 of Canada's Criminal Code. However, estimates as high as 10% have been claimed.

The emotional abuse that is almost always part of the coercive control also has serious psychological consequences according to women themselves, but the actual effects on women's health seldom have been measured separately.

The increased health problems and health care seeking of physically battered women, however, are well documented.

Coming Soon: The Ursula Forem Domestic Violence Program Employment Fellowship On December 27, 2017 The Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (OPDV) will release an RFP for the next round of the Ursula Forem Domestic Violence Employment Fellowship Grants.

OPDV will accept proposals from NYS domestic violence programs that are licensed and/or approved by the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) to hire college graduates or current graduate students to work for the domestic violence program.