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All of the module’s cmdlets have built-in help, so you can use Power Shell’s help cmdlet to learn the details of all of them, such as the parameters and their descriptions, usage examples, etc. To use this cmdlet, provide an owner and a delegate.You can optionally specify folder permission for Inbox, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Sent Items, and Deleted Items; if private items are viewable; if meeting requests are to be received; and the owner’s global handling of meeting requests.It is only necessary if the command prior to the pipeline will be running a cmdlet that leverages remoting.Another option is to store the results of the prior command in a variable and then pipeline that into .

You can also use these output cmdlets to select only the properties you want.The module requires any version of the EWS Managed API and the Exchange cmdlets via remoting, as detailed below.Upon importing the module, it will check for any version of the EWS Managed API, starting with version 2.0 and working its way back.If you want to use impersonation, you will want to uncomment line 96. The URL used for EWS is determined by autodiscover of the owner/manager mailbox.These are the cmdlets the module exposes: The alias for parameter.