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If you are interested please contact the above name Mr Ofori Atta Jectey OR 0206828000 OR [email protected] China is now a economicaly very strong position in the world. Precisely at the base of the Akuapim range to be crushed into chipping for the building and roads construction.

If a conutry want to be economicaly strog,he have to achive strong position in export and import sector. And also china is a big market of the more this link [ Hi! If you are interested please contact the above name Mr Ofori Atta Jectey OR 0206828000 OR [email protected] Men and Women ,, we would like to export our brand all over the world. Price ranging from 20$USD to 100$USD Skirts , suitings , mens womens fashion products, We like to Export to China , Europe, Canada, America, Australia.

Ltd which is specializing in accessory for iphone and ipad many years. E-mail:[email protected] Regards Lola My name is Paul,a Nigerian sales manager who lives and work in Anhui, China.

I am working for a reputable manufacturing company that specialized in LED lighting and solar product design, marketing, sales and production.

pls let me know ASAP and I'll send in detail with pictures of many different types of sea cucumber we have. The company is engaged in market of auto maintenance equipment.

if you have interest in doing business look up Marshall Islands and here is my email for contact..

we would be glad to market your product or enter into partnership with the company to market their product in Ghana.GHTL is a Hong Kong based company primarily engaged in production, procurement and distribution of Ceylon tea.We are looking for a partner who would import our tea in to China and develop distribution network for us.Below mentioned is our contact details, please share your details over email to continue this discussion.Regards Cheema E: [email protected] Everyone, My name is Daniel Kombat from Ghana, i am looking for a serious business partner to supply dried Cassava, Shea Butter and other Agricultural products.