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In some cases, they even exchange of vows and a ring.

Photographer David Magnusson documented the stories of many of these "couples," and the resulting images are more than a little creepy.

See full summary » When Marcy Bradford dies, she leaves her teen-age daughter Nicole in the custody of a father she has never met; or rather, two fathers - Michael, a straight-laced and formal man; and Joey, a wild artist.

Both were Marcy's former boyfriends, and together, they provide a unique balance of parenting skills for young Nicole.

with us, at Free Dating America, we've split our members into various dating categories so you don't need to waste your time scrolling through profiles that are not a good fit for your lifestyle.Given the financial expenses of claiming paternity and the emotional issues involved, not resolving the entire premise of the series quickly was needlessly cruel.See more » A pre-teen's mother dies, and her daughter ends up living with TWO men the mother had been with.You can join our network on your pc, laptop or even mobile phone meaning you can keep up to date with your messages no matter where you are. Net help - It's free to join so why not register and have a look around.Recently met a girl via your site who lived only 4 miles away from me in NW2.