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He published his first book, ‘When did the Mahabharata War Happen?

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Others, like Narahari Achar with more 'traditionalist' leanings, place it near 3000 BC or thereabout.About 82.5° E82.5 Degrees East (82.5° E) is an audio webcast that brings together diverse voices from the Indic / Dharmic tradition to discuss, deliberate and propagate views that find their origin in the ancient civilizational ethos of Sanatan Dharma.We debate on a wide range of topics and make it conducive for an original Indic perspective to emerge.However, Neelesh Oak's analysis of the astronomical information available in the text, corroborated by geological, seismic and climatic data that has now emerged, pushes the date further back to the sixth millennium BC, a good four thousand years ahead of the mainstream academic consensus.The disagreement is even starker in the case of Ramayana as Nilesh places it way back in antiquity in the 14th millennium BC, more than 10,000 years apart from the mainstream consensus.