Hiv positive chatroom

Let’s be aware of the consequences of our actions and beliefs, and work to contribute to a community where respect trumps discrimination and exclusion.Some people believe that HIV positive guys should disclose their status, no matter what – as if it was owed to them.Using this type of wording is judgemental, and implies that HIV positive people are dirty and unhealthy.It’s important to be aware of the negative connotations words can carry.Using words that imply judgement of HIV positive people…is serophobia.

Disclosing a person’s HIV status (outing them), or speculating about someone’s HIV status…Holding discriminatory ideas about HIV positive people…

As gay men, we are stereotyped in all kinds of ways.

Why would we want to repeat this same behaviour within our own community?

HIV positive guys are often rejected, sometimes even insulted or ridiculed.

To find out the HIV status of a partner, all you need to do is ask him.