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Paingate is owned by Zeigler Media, headquarted in New Zealand.Sardu and Scot: And here I thought "bonified" was a real word, from the Latin bonifere, "to stick one's bone in." ;) --------------- milo: That's a good tip about ZFX.Sort of "The Wild One" meets "Dynasty" meets "Hamlet." And Katey Sagal is one hot biker mama, considering she's 55 years old.

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For my money, I wish Attackers had made better use of long-legged beauty Ryo Takamiya.I raised this point in my year-end review last year (and, remarkably, it's almost that time of year again) but Attackers has managed to attract some quality Japanese porn stars and then put them in some really lame-o movies.Most noteworthy last year were the (pre-tattoo) Maria Ozawa stinkers.I haven't gone the full distance yet of purchasing a movie that I can burn onto a DVD, but the stuff I have rented for viewing on my computer has been top notch.Back in August, when I rented my first Red Feline movie, I had to get some technical support to help me to use the Flick Rocket system.

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