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"Now it's everything: war, horror, romance." That element of multifaceted fantasy pervaded the expo's high quotient of female visitors.Student Susie Vance, 22, of Anaheim, took four months to make her long bubble-gum pink wig as a character from the magic-filled Japanese manga and anime series "Sailor Moon," which she first started watching as a kid when it debuted on American TV in 1995.Bryan Musicar, whose company sells wooden paddles with either "yaoi" or "yuri" stenciled on them, said that 95 percent of people who buy "yaoi" books are women.Though "yuri" books tend to depict buxom, thin-waisted amazons, similar to commercial comics and porn, "yaoi" goes against the grain of traditional rendering of men as buffly masculine. It's in Japanese." Male characters in "yaoi" look like girls, with large eyes and lithe, soft bodies.

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"It's all genres rolled into one." While much anime and manga content tends to be split by gender (into "shonen," Japanese for "boy," or "shojo," Japanese for "girl"), crossover is common, said Leanza, who would love to work in the industry as a designer or animator.

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From Hayao Miyazaki's Oscar-winning fantasy flick "Spirited Away" to the violent voyeurism of "Ghost in the Shell," kiddie fare such as "Pokémon," TV shows on cable's Adult Swim and video-game offshoots such as "Final Fantasy," anime has spread its tentacles across American culture. It was a small group of dedicated fans mostly in high school," said Tony Oliver, the voice of hero Rick Hunter from the famed anime television series "Robotech," which ran in the U. Diversity, said webmaster Steve Yun, also plays a big role.

Women, surging ahead in the video-gaming industry, have embraced anime and manga in a similar way. "Back in the day, anime was all science fiction," he said.