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"That's one of my major concerns with the Christian subculture. I don't want to speak ill of Chris Rice, a man I have never met.

Is it just me, or does it seem sacrilegious to have Astro from The Jetsons sing hallelujah (ra-ra-ru-jah, to be exact)? I don't usually advocate censorship, but if someone wanted to organize a CD burning party for this song, I'd bring the beer. I know some people love the song and think it's just a clean, fun song that Christians can listen too.

I thought the idea of having a kegger at a CD burning party was a mature and godly response to the song.

My biggest disagreement with this blog is his use of adverbs and adjectives. Maybe he's showed us that constantly pandering does not edify the church but in fact forces us to devolve until we're speaking in cartoon voices.

The Birth I wrote it about 15 years ago, as a joke.

I threw it together in about 10 minutes and only intended it to be heard by a few people.