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How is it possible you have difficulty finding someone to take your dowry in this modern age?

How she and Joe spoke to Christy in Season 2 at Tonya's party is embarrassing. I actually like the TV show as it relates to the Little People world, but it's hard to watch at times with all of the yelling, cursing, etc.

If your date was very smooth, very charming, and disappeared without a trace, he likely decided that you were too good a person to be put through his wringer. This doesn’t make him a terrible person, as we all feign pleasure with people at various points in the day/week. Why doesn’t he call and tell you he was pretending to be into you the entire date? He may kiss you and think, “that was awesome” or he may be less thrilled.

The first few dates are about trying each other on, and seeing if there is a connection.

I have my fair share of Tinder-date horror stories (one stopped talking to me all together at a bar to hit on another girl.

Another time, I woke up in a bathtub missing my kidney), but at least no girl has ever lost her ever-loving mind over my unavailability to grab a drink.