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I forgot to mention miracle bonuses, as I've seen them described on the testimonial page--My husband DID qualify for the extended unemployment benefits, so we blessed with that as well !

Saint Jude has changed my life, my heart and my despair into amazement and BELIEF! Before the Novena to Saint Jude was completed, my back was miraculously cured!

Second, the devil can try to do fake Mystical experiences which could mislead a person.

It is interesting to note that it was while making one of these Novenas for her that Saint Jude appeared to her and, as a result, she was taken off of life support, and her physical condition continued to very quickly heal after that!God granted my request about a week later.]Would you please say a novena to St.Jude for my daughter that she do well in her finals next week? Again, as you may know, I respect your close relationship with God through the intercession of St. I cannot repeat that you will have a special place in heaven for all of the work you do to bring others to God.So, even though her December Novenas were for different intentions, because when she sent me her intentions, etc., she, obviously had not had her major stroke yet and had not yet been put on life support.But, see how Saint Jude applied those Novenas to totally heal her from her stroke!