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u tell damm free me: nothing....kinky nu sonniye....i need more details PM meghana.mrajan: hahaha wat did u think PM me: cmon im a guy wat would i think meghana.mrajan: hmmm ok ok...

me: so tell me meghana.mrajan: nothing sudden a vera mari feel panne PM me: hmm.........athaan enna feel panna?

me: it's all boring at my end dear haha why am i talking to u if i don like u PM meghana.mrajan: hmmm i meant do u "like" me? me: athaan yeennnn nu kekuraen really since u did it?

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meghana.mrajan: more than others like me the most me: haha PM dat's not possible...i love my mom the most meghana.mrajan: loose kuppai me: ?? meghana.mrajan: hahah even i don know y PM me: some things just cannot be answered rite? wat did u think like me: PM meghana.mrajan: wat da me: something kinky meghana.mrajan: hmmm po da..meghana.mrajan: ll try coming next month da me: nice PM aprom verenna meghana.mrajan: u tell PM me: hmmmmmmmmmm!???????/ meghana.mrajan: tell somthing na do u like me dude? meghana.mrajan: hmmm as in watever me: as in like - yes..dat's why i talk to u PM meghana.mrajan: hmmm ok ok no boozing this week me: yeah not much...i'd boozed for a month last week so....keeping low dis week meghana.mrajan: oh ok ok... me: hehe meghana.mrajan: romba adikadh A me: wat about u!? PM meghana.mrajan: its been really since i did t simply romba if u are dry it will be a bit more painful PM meghana.mrajan: oh ok ok... makes* me: yes.i'll make u so wet that u'll start dripping down ur legs meghana.mrajan: oh my god... PM dude...don make me do tat now me: i know u should be wet now meghana.mrajan: i am not me: dont u feel wet inside?