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In contrast to patients intoxicated with barbiturates and alcohol, none of the patients who received large doses of carisoprodol were obstreperous, belligerent, silly or difficult to manage. The predominate effects subjectively and objectively were similar to those of a barbiturate or alcohol, and not similar to those of an opiate. The tests employed to ascertain addictiveness were: Methods. The subjects used in these studies were healthy adult negro or white males serving sentences for violation of state or federal narcotic laws, who volunteered for the experiments. Since both drugs are being marketed for clinical use by the oral route, and since addicts would have difficulty extracting these drugs for injection from the inert ingredients with which they are mixed, they were evaluated orally only. They were somewhat confused when awakened, but did not show as much dysarthria as one might anticipate from an equivalent hypnotic dose of barbiturates. One or two hours after 2,500 mg of carisoprodol, most of the subjects became quite sleepy, some profoundly so, and were difficult to arouse.Abstinence was also suppressed partially by pentobarbital (figure 1), but not to a statistically significant degree (P .1 and .05).

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Both compounds are being marketed as muscle relaxants, effective in the relief of pain due to muscle spasms [ 11] , [ 2] . It is unique in that it is ineffective as an analgesic by nociceptive or withdrawal reflex tests, but it is effective in counteracting pain produced by injection of silver nitrate into the joints of rats. In experimental animals it produces high voltage, low frequency brainwave patterns and blocks electroencephalographic activation [ 1] .The initial daily dose of carisoprodol was 1,200 mg; this was increased at a rate of 200 mg daily for 16 days to a daily dose of 4,200 mg, and then by 300 mg on the 17th and 18th days, attaining a daily dose of 4,800 mg.The patient receiving carisoprodol for 54 days received 4,800 mg daily from the 18th to the 54th day.