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The Kids' Guidebook introduces concepts and the companion Thinksheets book offers “mini lesson plans” to explore them more deeply.

Designed for both parents and professionals to use with the child so that everyone is on the same page and the learning is carried over into all environments.

A curriculum designed to help students learn to identify their feelings and emotional reactions and learn sensory and perspective-taking strategies to encourage better self-regulation across different situations.

A simple color-coded, four-zones format encourages learning.

A classroom- and family-friendly tool with wide application across students of all ages, right into adulthood.

This anime-illustrated detailed guidebook helps teens and young adults with social thinking as they sail the stormy seas of dating, texting, lies & everyday relationships.

We offer 15 full-day courses, each offering unique concepts and strategies regarding a particular theme or age group.

All information presented can be used immediately in the classroom, home, community, and workplace! those you can register for on our website) offer continuing education, complimentary lunch and dessert, and our products available for purchase.

This book outlines the foundation of the Social Thinking Methodology. A comprehensive Social Thinking teaching guide, every page has treatment and assessment ideas to help move us toward more effective teaching.At its inception 20 years ago, there were relatively few treatment-based research studies available to guide interventionists in how to teach individuals about their own social learning process.This relative lack of treatment research, while not as bleak today, continues to be limited.Teaching individuals to be better social thinkers requires us to start our teaching at the foundation level and build up from there.Our Social Thinking Social Learning Tree poster visually explores the social learning process and is a reminder of how social skills start from a root system that is built upon social thinking and social problem solving.