Are aldis hodge and beth riesgraf dating

She’s got this incredible ability to help other people.She has this massive heart, and she really cares about what people are going through all over the world. I want her to do more of that, because she’s so good at it.It’s a dynamic you’ve never seen before between the two of us, and it’s kind of cute.TVLINE Do we see any of Hardison’s side of the story this week, or just Parker’s?

The fans will get a kick out of putting the clues together. And they were night shoots, so everybody was extra-loopy. Parker actually met Peggy during Season 1, on “The Juror #6 Job.” I love that they brought her back because it’s nice to see that they’ve continued this friendship — though Peggy still doesn’t know what Parker does for a living.the irony of seeing parker and hardison deal with their budding friendship/relationship given their characters as opposed to Nate and Sophie with all the interventions they have had over Season 1 2 under the brilliant writing of John Rogers and Dean Devlin’s direction does threaten to undermine the character development for Nate and Sophie if it is continued to be handled in a less mature/convincing way as it was in the premier showing the avoidance attitude by Nate which is kind of contradictory to the emotional buildup these 2 people had in much intense situation, particularly when he was imprisoned.Let’s just hope that Dean (which has time and again shown his unique eye for beautiful direction) and the writers are cognisant of this and Leverage could be well on its way for a Season 5 and beyond.While Ford deals with altitude sickness and his discomfort with Sophie, hacker Alec (Aldis Hodge) pinpoints the location of the whistle blower’s body and the presumed book on his person.The two most athletic of Ford’s team, Eliot (Christian Kane) and Parker (Beth Riesgraf), set off to retrieve the evidence, while Sophie works the room at base camp, using a con to throw off the Japanese acquisition.