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Then restart your host and your projects should load without problems.

For future's sake it is recommended to have this option disabled however.

The problems should be negligible and here is the list.

Plugin renaming There should be no problems with most hosts, but some of the plugins have been renamed, and it's the host's responsibility to switch to the new plugin names.

Note: Backward compatibility hasn't been 100% followed for MXXX.

All settings will load correctly, however host automation wouldn't be retained if you automated something else than multiparameters (probably modulators).

So you have 2 options: A) Use the preset system to manually transfer your settings to 8.09. In that case you won't be able to upgrade until Avid implements a smarter system for identifying plugins. All previous versions are available from our download archive.

Attention Pro Tools users: Because of the extremely bad workflow of Pro Tools we decided to remove the surround expansion configurationsfor AAX from version 8.08.

If that won't help and your older projects won't load properly, please inform both us and your host developer.Automation Version 11 comes up with fully restructuralized automation parameter system, which should improve performance and compatibility with problematic hosts.If you have been using automation in your older projects, please go to Settings in any of the plugins and enable Automation compatibility mode for V10.Note: MXXX automation parameters have changed order.It won't make any difference if you only automated the multiparameters, but could cause problems if you automated modulators. 100% backward compatibility is not guaranteed due to following changes:- Modulator envelope audio detector has been completely change and is not compatible with the previous one.